Samsung Galaxy A8s Will Have LCD Infinity-O Display

Samsung Galaxy A8s Will Have LCD Infinity-O Display

Samsung already announced their upcoming display Infinity-O in their Samsung Galaxy S10. There will be a hole in the corner for the front camera. Now they are about to make a display for their other upcoming phone Samsung Galaxy A8s. We have come to know that Samsung is about to produce their display for the Samsung Galaxy A8s by the Chinese display maker BOE. Where they will make the Infinity-O display for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A8s.

Samsung is wanting to make their phone with reasonable price. So, surprisingly they could make it LCD variety instead of OLED display. This will save much cost for this phone.

As we know, BOE is currently making Huawei Mate 20 Pro's OLED display of 6.39-inch. And with Samsung, this will be a very unique work by BOE. They have to make the Infinity-O display in LCD and a hole in the screen.

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Making this LCD  panel for this Samsung Galaxy A8s would be harder than making on OLED display. This LCD panel camera cut out will have more length than Samsung Galaxy S10. Samsung Galaxy A8s will have a 6.7mm cutout and Samsung Galaxy S10 will have a smaller 2.3mm cutout.

This new Samsung Galaxy A8s will have a Snapdragon of 710 with 6 GB ram and 3000 mAh battery. This phone looks cool with its look and it claimed to release in january but we can get it earlier in the last of this year.

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