Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones in 2019!!!

Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones in 2019!!!

2018 is one of the successful years for the smartphones. It has brought a lot of amazing innovation and latest unique features. We have met with this new features and started using its full capability. But we are about to receive much more innovative and latest smartphone with more configuration in 2019. These features flagship phones are about bang the start 2019.

5.Nokia 9 PureView:

Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia company is really cleaned up their act in the recent months. They are trying to catch up what they lost in the recent few years. And some of their latest features are good but things are getting more competitive. So many companies are ruling above them in the market of Smartphone. But they are about to launch their Nokia 9 PureView. They make some changes in Nokia 9 PureView, a case leaked and various renders showcase a Penta camera set up. There are 5 cameras in the back of the phone. As we have seen in the Samsung Galaxy A9 the camera quantity doesn't equate to camera quality but with Nokia, we can have a trust with the camera features as they are pretty loyal on their commitment. This will take the flexibility option to the wide-angle shots or maybe zoom in further past devices. As we have seen the recent Nokia Phones are the best build products by them.

4.Xiaomi Pocophone F2:

Xiaomi Pocophone F2

This phone doesn't need any introduction or not even an explanation. The F1 was a category defining the same performance of 1000$ at a price of barely 300$. We can find here Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and 8 Gb of Ram and 4000+ mAh battery. Many think it will come closer or even surpass the pick performance of iPhone 10s Max. Probably there won't be much to change in their body but there is a rumor that they will ditch the IR face unlocking.

3.Samsung Galaxy Flex:

Samsung Galaxy Flex

Samsung already shows their closes look in their last summit. Samsung Folding Phone was introduced in a chunky case. This phone might take a new place for the users. though I don't know how much it will effect for the users.  It may be very helpful for multitasking using two parts. But it will also use drain much battery life for its performance. Samsung still teases with its name and body display and performance. We are looking for something good.

2.Huawei P30 Pro:

Huawei P30 Pro

As we have come to know that Huawei begins testing Fuchsia OS on the Kirin 970 based. Huawei P30 Pro is exciting for a lot of reasons. There are features like Wireless reverse charging, 40W Huawei Supercharging, and the ultra-wide camera lens. European Boss Walter G claimed that we will definitely see more innovation in the camera. They would like to say that limit of zoom should be extended as they want to make it to the 10x zoom where 5x is the limitations. This phone is powered by Kirin at 980 which is very specialized for AI-based tasks. But I think in terms of raw and GPU power looks like it gonna fall behind Qualcomm and Exynos. Maybe there will be no 5G as this is not built into the chip so this can make it tough to US market as there will be so many regions of 5G supported area covered in 2019.

1.Samsung Galaxy S10:

This phone is meant to be used for all-screen display. Its a larger display and no notch and instead with a camera cut out a hole in the display in the left corner of the phone. They are about to use One UI OS in this new flagship smartphone. As they have said there will be two -part. One for the interface of viewing and one for interact and apply. They will only show what will need to go further. The display is called Infinity-O. The new Exynos 9822 which will bring no end of improvement not just to performance and graphics but also the camera and the slow-motion capabilities. They are also adding night mode for this smartphone with some good aperture.

As we have seen this 5 generous Smartphone upcoming next year. We are looking forward to 2019.

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