PUBG Mobile Season 4 Is About To Come With Hardcore Mode

PUBG Mobile Season 4 Is About To Come With Hardcore Mode

PUBG is one of the most played and popular online multiplayer game in the world. It can be played for both first person and third person shooter experience. It arranges a gameplay with 100 players from all over the world. It ranks at the top amongst all of them. Still, so many people are getting involved in this game. And they also awarded The Golden Joystick's 2018 Mobile Game of the Year.

Season 3 is the most crucial part of PUBG. This season makes a huge change for the developer and the users of PUBG. Season 3 has ended recently and hopefully, season 4 is about to come is today. So previous ranking data and leaderboard will be reset to the null. So it will be the term for the newcomers or pro players to dig into the new leaderboard.


In their new season, they are about to come with some new features. Read this to know about the last announced updates by PUBG. They are also introduced with the new Assault Rifle M762, you can use it in three firing modes which can be found in all maps. That means they are about to come with a bang and hardcore firing experience for the users.

They are also making a change to the Royal Pass system to making it more exciting and might be they could add more rewards like cosmetics and others. In this new version of Apk 0.9.5, they are about to remove the footstep sounds and audio clues. So that means it will be much harder to find an opponent or staying alert. You can get hit surprisingly.

So we have put together all you need to know about this seasonal and Elite Royal Pass updates announced by PUBG so you can cope up with this and get ready for some action killing and gameplay experience.


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