Google Wear OS

Google Wear OS

Many people thought that Google Wear OS is departed from the track but Google is not just accepting it. They just boost it up with some updates and they think this will turn it back to the level. Though they had updated this few times before but they didn't get much response from the users. But they are not stopping. They give this newly updated watch is  "Wear OS "H".

This quality product has come with some new updates like :

Battery Saver Mode:

It has become a more essential feature right now for all devices. It has a good use in the phone as well as in  this, it saves its durability.  And when its capability goes down under 10% and if you turn on the battery saver it will kill other process and only display the time for you. So it can save a good battery level for further on.

Auto Resumption :

When it will remain idle for 30 minutes it will go into deep sleep mode to save battery life.

Smart App Resume:

You can now easily stop anywhere and come back starting where you left your app. all of the apps are supported in this process so you don’t have to be patient for doing it instant. You can take a break!!!

Power Off Easily:

Now you can turn off this device easily than before. Just easy as like as an Android Phone. Just hold on the power button until the power off screen floating up. Then just click 'Power Off' or 'Restart'.

For this watches, power efficiency is more important. Power resumption should be more systematic. obviously you don't want to lose anything without using it properly.  So now its possible and easier to save battery life and keep it idle. It will deliver through the air and so it might take so much time to come in hand. But we are still looking forward to this. Wanna see how far this can take the market place when there’s Snapdragon 3100 watches is already available.

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