Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Has Now Assigned With One UI Beta (Android Pie)

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Has Now Assigned With One UI Beta (Android Pie)

We have come to know many surprises from Samsung in their recent summit in San Francisco alongside with their new One UI. This new interface from Samsung is a successor for their Android Pie and it's a big evolution from Samsung which is getting popular and users are responding very good in it.

This new feature is getting useful for the users for one hand operation and in the night-time reading. As they gave a brief information about this we have come to see that they made this interface in two-part, One part is for viewing which is settled in the top and another part is in the bottom so users can easily find what they want at their fingertip. So this new feature makes it easy for the big screen users when they are using it with one hand. So many developers are making a custom Roms for their own devices. But when Samsung is receiving a huge response from this One UI devices they are setting up their beta program for Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+.

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No more wait!! Samsung has started their beta program today. They already started this programme in South Korea and the United States and it will be soon available for Germany soon. Their new features look so good and it also improves its user experience.

To roll into the new feature of One UI, you have to download Samsung Member/Samsung+ app in Google Play Store. You will see in the notice button of this app and there is an option for enrolling in the beta program. So then you can download this Android Pie build in Setting>Software Updates and then tap on " Download Updates Manually" This update will come bi-weekly so you will get 3/4 updates per month.

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