Google Phone v26 Has Launched with Dark Theme Support Officially

Google Phone v26 Has Launched with Dark Theme Support Officially

Recently we received a version 25 of Google Phone where we can only use it only in rooted devices or in the modded Apk. But as we have seen Google is getting very interested in dark theme and recently they are taking it infront. So they are now with dark theme in the deck of Phone apps.

As we have seen that they already bring out the dark theme in their apps like Contacts, Youtube, Google News, Android Messages, Google Maps and more is incoming. They now published their Google Phone v26 with dark theme enabled. There is an option in the setting to switch to the dark mode from the lite mode.  You can easily find in in Setting>Display Options. It gives a very good classic look. and in my opinion, there might not be any haters of this theme. It looks so simple and polished. Dark theme is now getting popular to the many various developers and users. It is very helpful for its better performance and battery life.

google phone app

google phone app v26 update with dark mode

So this new version of Google phone is highly recommended. It is a beta version you can easily download it from here .You can also find it in Google Play Store as its an official beta version.

Install from Play store Click Here

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