One UI: Newly announced by Samsung. Will Available from?

One UI: Newly announced by Samsung. Will Available from?

Samsung Developer Conference was held on Wednesday in San Francisco, CA. In that conference, Samsung has announced that they are about to publish all new take on its Samsung software. One UI, that's what they called this newly designed software.

As they have said before, they are working on a true all-screen display phone where they will create the camera and other sensors, under the phone display. But In this new update on One UI, they are focused on three major things: simplification, ease of use, and making everything more visually appealing.

Samsung says that One UI is "a new approach to content and controls". This means their new design will highlight things that matter, and hide things that don't. As a result, One UI  will almost split up the device's screen into a top and bottom half. The viewing is meant for things that you might not necessarily need to interact with right away.

That  means there will be two part which one to view and other to interact with the system. They will show only thing that you will need to do. So this might be easy and helpful for the users. They will know what to do next easily.

samsung one ui

Now you can see even more rounded corners around the interface as their most of the hardware setting of all Samsung's Galaxy devices. They will make a grouping relevant settings options together, which will make easier for the users to know what to do next.

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In their conference, they said that they will release a beta test program for One UI this November in the U.S., Germany, and Korea. They are also thinking about countries in Europe and Asia in the future. They will publish their One UI  with the latest Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, and Note 9 users. They will also bring the Android 9 Pie update to this  three phones.

So Samsung is coming with so many updates and will try to bang the marketplace. Hope they can cope up this and give us a good experience among this.

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