What would be the future of smartphone in 2019?

What would be the future of smartphone in 2019?

It's a very fast-changing year for smartphones from all over the world. And if we see from the very first from the year there were many massive changes which is very updated future relevant. Depending on this changes our outlook for the smartphone will change for the upcoming future. So today I'm here with some new impactful innovation for upcoming smartphones all over the world.


If we start from this time of 2017, Apple introduces us with 3d face unlock. With detecting so many dots points it maps with face and unlocks the smartphone. Just look! And It will unlock by itself. So much innovative! Though before there was a retina scan which could unlock the phone with eyes. But face unlock has a huge impact in this  modern world. As a result, now we can see this feature in almost every smartphone and users also see this as a major feature.

After this feature, we can say the same about the notch. Essential first comes with the notch. After joining with Apple notch has become the must feature for the updated smartphones. With its variety, it gives your smartphone a new look.

Most of all, the notch and face unlock in that position makes a huge difference in smartphones using experiences and in designs.

Even when just a year ago, smartphones were only dependent on Fingerprint unlock but now many phones are coming without any fingerprint sensors like iPhone X,iPhone Xs, Oppo Find X.

But there is another surprise when many devices are coming with face unlock removing fingerprint sensors, some are working on the in-display fingerprint sensor. Means no more attached with typical body sensors, it will be built under the display. It is really a big change in smartphones in my opinion. OnePlus 6T, Vivo X21, and Vivo V11 Pro are already released with this in-display fingerprint which is really amazing.

under display fingerprint

When they are making under display sensor, some other may be working on under display camera and sensor. From the recent news, we can say Samsung might working on this issue as they are  releasing S10 and which will be True full-screen display, under display camera and 5g supported smartphone. Just imagine, if they can put fingerprint sensors, camera, and other sensors under the display we can finally find our true all-screen display. So there's a possibility of meeting 97-98% ratio.

After all these inventions there are also some features for making the phone an all-screen display like Popup, motorized and slide panel. Vivo has come with a phone which pops up from the middle, Oppo Find X has come with a motorized panel with an amazing sound. But none of them is the ultimate solution for this. Xioami is giving a sliding phone but it needs a permanent solution for this as we are looking for Samsung S10.

After all we are still expecting some more good form them though it was a very successful year for smartphones. We are looking forward to  this.

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