Best Android Soccer Game? PES 18 Pro Evolution Soccer

Best Android Soccer Game?  PES 18 Pro Evolution Soccer

PES 2018 is probably the best android football game in the world right now. With its realistic graphics and amazing game control, verified authorized players and clubs from all over the world has made it go to the top of the chart.

PES is published by Konami. It has a console game which is competing with Fifa for a long time. Though Fifa has a better market value than PES. But In android PES is far better than Fifa which is improving and people are loving it too. It's giving us a realistic gameplay and auction so it's almost like a strategy and challenging game.  They keep peoples desire and customize it for their users.

best android soccer game


Konami is managing this game and making it more exciting with weekly and special events. Players can play events and real time multiplayer throughout the whole world. Their algorithm sets up a match with a different region or same, so people can play throughout the world and make it an exciting competition.  You can also play it locally with your friends and arrange a tournament with them with Bluetooth or wifi hotspot connectivity.

Classic and advanced, In PES you can play with this two control. Advanced control is more popular and in this Konami makes a huge difference in modern gameplay. Their engine company is Havok but they are about to upgrade and sign with a new company in their next update season.

Mostly their graphics are the most important part of the game. It's so smooth and amazing which can make any football fans fall in love with this. They keep upgrading its level of graphics which is significant. Honestly, I have never seen better graphics than this in an android soccer game.

Very Easy To Get

1. It's Free!!! You can easily download it from the Google Play Store. Though it's not available in many regions. But I hope Konami will look after this and keep spreading their area all over the world.

2. N.B: If you can download anyhow you can play, Konami won't ban you from playing from any regions. You can also buy MyClub coins from their store.

3. You can make your own dream team, make a squad, trainers, managers and many other kinds of stuff. For playing it smoothly you will be required after 4.4 KitKat android version. So it's so obvious that you can play it from Android version 5.

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As I have said before it's coming with a new engine and you will get it available  from December 1 with the upgraded version of PES 18 to PES 19. In their latest version, "UNREAL" engine will assign with them. It's also improved and customized many things in this latest version as we have seen in their Beta version of PES 19 which is published on October 1 this year. Users from PES 18 can play PES 19 with their same profile data.

Mostly Recommended

All over it's an ideal soccer game for this next generation. Thanks to Konami for their effort.

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