7 Hidden Tricks of Windows 10

7 Hidden Tricks of Windows 10

Windows 10 is undoubtedly one of the best windows ever produced by Microsoft, and also the last version of Windows as said by Bill Gates. But very less of you all might know Windows 10 also has some of the basic utility toolkits which are usually hidden from the users. These tricks are not visible and I'm sure no one will tell you about them until either you discover on your own you see this blog.

So, here I'm going to tell you all some of the coolest hidden tricks of Windows 10 that might drive you crazy:


1. Hidden Start-Menu

If you're a big Windows fan, then you must know the importance of Right clicks in your life. So, apparently, very less of you might know if you right click on your left-corner and you'll see another menu. This is the hidden menu with extra functionality.



2. Rotate your Screen 

Suppose, your laptop screen is damaged or your LED's is tilted, then you might need to rotate your screen. To do so, you need to press Alt+Ctrl+D with any of the arrows buttons at the same time. This is a shortcut basically otherwise you will get the same functionality in the Display Settings as well.


3. Enable Sliding to Shutdown your PC/Laptop

As far as I have concerned, this method works in Windows 10 only. To shutdown your PC/Laptop with slide, you need to go to your Desktop>New> Shortcut.

After the shortcut has been made, paste the following line of code:


This will create a clickable icon on your Desktop. You can also rename this icon. Also, you will get a pull-down slider to shut down your PC/Laptop.



3. Enable 'God Mode'

If you're interested in bit adventures and want something better to happen, you can enable 'God Mode'. To do this, just make a new icon on your Desktop and name the folder as:


Now, to enter the God Mode, click on this folder and God Mode would be activated.


4. Cortana's Hidden Games

To be honest, Microsoft has hidden these games for us and no one knows the reason for that. The quality of these games might not meet your requirements but still, if you're bored as hell, you can try "Rock Paper Scissors" or "Roll the Die" or "Flip the Coin" and have fun sometimes.



5. Pin your Closest contacts

If you're using a tablet or portable desktop and use Windows 10, you would definitely have some of the closest contacts in the list. There's no open rule or tutorial of how you can do this but let me tell you in the best way possible. Tap on the Contact> At the Bottom of the pop-up box, there will be an option of Pin to Taskbar> You're done!


6. Right Click on Taskbar

This is not a hidden trick of course but the reason why I've listed it is because right-clicking on the taskbar can lead to functions where you would not have expected. There are a lot of options which are given in a very straight and easy manner


7. Show Desktop Buttons

Although this is very common in Windows 7 and Windows Vista in Windows 10, if you have to make your icons visible on Desktop, there's a long procedure. But, don't worry as I'm here for you. Navigate to the right-bottom corner of your taskbar and you'll notice a button right there. Click on the button> Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Use peek to preview the desktop.


There might be other hacks available as well but these ones are prime and most useful. Let me know in comments section if you have any doubts or queries.


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