Nokia 5 In Depth Review| Features| Specifications| Performance| Display| Design| Camera |

Nokia 5 In Depth Review| Features| Specifications| Performance| Display| Design| Camera


Nokia was out for many days in the era of Android smartphones. But Thankfully, HMD Globals associated with Nokia, used there name and now HMD Globals have sold over 2 million Android smartphones on the name of Nokia. This number might not be very big, but still, it's a good start for Nokia who was not at all popular in this Android Buiness. Back in our days, when Nokia was the king of Symbian OS. 

Anyways, let's not be off the topic for a second and introudce you all to a new smartphone from Nokia series. However, this smartphone is still not the latest, but who cares when it's from Nokia. So, today we will be doing full in depth review of Nokia 5 revealing its Pros and Cons and whether you should buy it? So, here we go:


Nokia 5:

The Nokia 5 sits a little awkwardly, between the better-equipped Nokia 6 and eye-catchingly cheap Nokia 3. It’s not that it’s a bad phone, but its bigger brother doesn't cost that much more, so it would be easy to chuck in the few extra bucks for the 6 – or, if you’re really looking to save the pennies, you might be better off with the 3. The Nokia 5 is the best looking smartphone in its price bracket, with its all-metal body providing a premium finish that could easily be seen a more expensive device.

It's the best-looking phone at its price point, but isn't as sharp in use as its rivals. Battery life struggles when pushed, and load times can be lengthy.


Nokia 5 Specifications:

Screen size: 5.2inches
Resolution: 720x1280 (HD)
Battery: 3000mAh
Front camera: 8MP
Rear camera: 13MP
Weight: 160g
Dimensions (mm): 149.7 x 72.5 x 8
OS: Android 7 Nougat
CPU: Snapdragon 430 SoC
Storage: 16GB + microSD


Nokia 5: Display and Design 

  • The 5.2-inch HD (720p) display is crisp and clear, although the colors don’t exactly jump out of the screen
  • The inclusion of a fingerprint scanner on the front of the handset is a big plus adding an extra layer of security and an easy way to unlock the phone.

Battery :

We’d have liked to have seen a stronger showing from the battery, with considered usage gaining you a day of use from a single charge, but gaming, video playback or music streaming will see you running out of juice by early evening.


The 13MP rear camera looks great on paper, but in practice images tend to look dull and lack clarity – while the camera app itself is sluggish. The slow performance extends to the whole device though, and you’ll need to be patient to be able to live with the Nokia 5’s load times.


Pros and Cons for Nokia 5:


  • Surprisingly premium metal design
  • The latest stock Android software
  • Fingerprint scanner provides security


  • Photos can be a little dark
  • 3000 mAH Battery 
  • Storage fills up fast, microSD card a must
  • Budget Range processor 


Now since we are doing the in-depth review of Nokia 5, we need to be very sure of Battery, Performance, Camera and Performance. So, presenting you, the whole set of argurements:


Battery life in Nokia 5:

The Nokia 5 comes with a 3,000mAh battery, which if you’re someone who doesn’t tend to game or watch video on their phone should last you a full day on a single charge. You’re highly unlikely to get more than a day from the Nokia 5 though, with a nightly plug-in required to see you through the next day. And if you like to use your phone for streaming music and gaming, the Nokia 5 will require a top-up come mid to late afternoon if you want it to last until bedtime.

Battery Test on Nokia 5:

We ran our 90-minute HD video battery test on the Nokia 5, with Wi-Fi connected and screen brightness on full, and the handset lost a huge 37% of its 3000mAH Battery. While you’re unlikely to watch a movie at full brightness on this phone it’s a good indication of how quickly the Nokia 5 can drain when it’s pushed; by comparison the Moto G5 lost 22% in the same test.

Does Nokia 5 support Fast Charging??

The phone is charged via a micro USB port on the base of the handset, but there’s no fast charging here. It means the Nokia 5 takes a while to top up, so if you’re going out for the night you’ll want to put it on charge at least an hour before heading out the door to make sure you get a decent slug of juice.

Certain Conclusions can be made from those points:

  • A day of battery life from a single charge if you’re lucky
  • Video and gaming can drain the battery very fast
  • Charging is slow as it does not support Fast Charging


Camera in Nokia 5:

The Nokia 5 has cameras. But you’re unlikely to be winning any photography competitions thanks to them. Round the back the main 13MP camera sounds promising on paper, but in practice it’s sluggish, and doesn’t always produce good pictures.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) Mode:

Even with HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode enabled we still found images could look a little dark, and a lack of detail and color was a common theme throughout our shooting experience.

Auto Focus: 

If you’re patient, letting the app load up and the focus settle, you can get some decent shots if the lighting is good, and we found the Nokia 5 performed pretty well up close – but it’s far from a fluid shooting experience.

No Manual or Pro Mode:

There’s no manual or pro mode to give you control over settings such as shutter speed and white balance, but at this end of the smartphone market that’s no surprise.

Shutter Speed is also slow:

The app itself is simple to work out. There’s a large centralized shutter key, while quick settings at the top of the screen enable you to switch between the front and rear cameras and toggle the flash, timer and HDR settings.

You can also use the volume key to snap shots, which is sometimes much easier than hitting the on-screen button, especially when it comes to selfies.

Selfie Camera:

The 8MP selfie camera on the front is good enough for the odd Snapchat and Instagram post, plus there’s a beauty mode built in if you’re not looking your best.

So, the Nokia 5 camera is:

  • Slow to load and focus
  • Images can be muddy and lacking in color
  • It suffices for the odd social post


Nokia 5 Special Features:

Aluminium Back Body:

Crafted from a single block of 6000-series aluminum, the Nokia 5 has a surprisingly premium construction for a phone with such a low price tag. It feels like a more expensive phone when you pick it up, and that’s great.

Front-mounted Fingerprint Sensor:

Another bonus of the Nokia 5 is the presence of a fingerprint scanner below the screen, which also doubles as the home navigation key. Digit readers tend to be reserved for pricier devices, so it’s good to see the tech filtering down the tiers, and especially to a device as cheap as the Nokia 5.

Available in Different Colors:

You can pick the Nokia 5 up in four different colors: copper, black, silver and blue.

Android v7.1 Nougat and upgradable to Android v8.0 Oreo:

It runs the latest version of Google’s software – Android 7.1.1 Nougat – which means it’s bang up to date, and with no heavy interface overlaid by HMD, owners of this phone shouldn’t have to wait too long for an update to Android O when it launches later this year.

Stock Android:

The standard suite of Google applications are preinstalled, and that’s it. There’s no additional bloatware, so you have a clean canvas on which to install the apps and games you want, without ones you don’t want getting in the way.


Nokia 5 Negative Points:

No Full HD(1080p) Display:

The 720p HD display is bright and clear, giving a good level of detail to images and text alike. You can comfortably read emails, watch videos and enjoy gaming sessions on the 1280 x 720 screen.

Dull Color Reproduction:

It’s not overly vibrant when it comes to color reproduction, and if you put this LCD panel next to an AMOLED screen you’ll notice it’s duller to the eye. In isolation though, and considering the price you’re paying, it’s hard to knock the screen on the Nokia 5 too much.

Less Storage:

If you're a type of guy who saves a lot of things on your smartphone, then having a SD Card is a must as 16GB will never be enough for you. Apparently, Nokia 5 only has 2GB of RAM. There’s 16GB of space inside the phone, but 7.5GB of that is taken up by the Android system straight out of the box – leaving you with effectively half the space to actually use for your apps, games, videos, music and photos.

Budget Range Processor in this Price:

Under the hood the Nokia 5 comes with a Snapdragon 430 chipset and 2GB of RAM, pretty much frustating if you compare it with Xiaomi Mi A1, Redmi Note 4, Lenovo K8 Note, Lenovo Z2 Plus, Lenovo K8+ and other smartphones.

Fingerprint Sensor is not fast:

The fingerprint sensor below the display is generally responsive, but there is a slight delay as it detects your digit and wakes the phone, and there were a few times when we had to present our finger more than once before it was recognized and the handset unlocked.

Single Speakers in Nokia 5:

The single speaker on the base of the Nokia 5 doesn’t produce particularly great audio, with a lack of bass and tinny sound meaning you’ll only want to use it for gaming or watching the odd video.


Nokia 5 Price and Availability:

  • Launch price (Aug 2017): £179.99 (around $200, AU$275)
  • Available in UK from August 16, India from August 15
  • Available in India for only Rs 12999


Who’s it for and should I buy it?

The Nokia 5 is aimed at anyone looking for an affordable smartphone from a brand they trust – and few manufacturers can boast the history and appeal to nostalgia that the Nokia name carries.

It's especially attractive to those with a keen eye for style, but without pockets deep enough for a flagship, or even sub-flagship, device. Just because you’re paying less doesn’t always mean you have to compromise on design.

You won’t find a more premium finish on a smartphone that costs this little, and as long as you’re willing to be patient, and are less into gaming and movies and more into emails and social apps, then you’ll certainly enjoy the Nokia 5.

It’s good to see the biometric tech included in a low-cost handset though, and another nice addition on the Nokia 5 is Google Assistant, giving you a useful AI that can answer your questions, organize your day and update you on your commute. To launch it you press and hold on the fingerprint scanner/home key.













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